Sunday, September 2, 2012

How To: Making A Ring.

#1. Wrap the wire around an appropriate mandrel.

#2. Saw across the wrappings with a jewelers saw. The ring is supported by a piece of copper pipe with one end flattened so it can be held in a vice.

#3. Bend the ring so that the ends line up. Flux the joint with silver brazing flux. Use cross lock tweezers to insure that the seam doesn’t spring open.

#4. Position a granule of hard silver solder towards the inside of the seam. Heat the area with a torch until the solder flows into the seam by capillary action. Pickle and wire brush the ring after soldering.

#5. True it up over a ring mandrel if needed . Use a wooden hammer or mallet so as not to deform any detailing.

#6. Scrape and/or burnish the seam. If there is excessive solder, it may be cleaned up with needle files prior to burnishing.

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  1. Thanks for posting your techniques Tai. I have learned several key techniques I have wondered about by reading your Blog.

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